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The UL Practicum team were out in the community gathering ideas about Ennis and its future, using 4 Community Visioning Exercises (CVE's).


There are 4 CVE's:


  1. World Café
  2. Targeted interactions
  3. Public space interactions
  4. Virtual interactions







World Café Sessions

World Café's are large scale community meetings where you can listen to others opinions and visions and voice your own.



How it worked

Participants were seated at tables with a small number of other community members.

Key questions relating to the future of Ennis were proposed to the groups.

Each group was required to answer these questions and convey their opinions on the tablecloths provided in picture and word format.
Participants were given the opportunity to participate in a different group for each question.

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World Café videos: Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 |

World Café: Official website






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